Life Coaching Skills Training Course In New Zealand

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About This Life Coaching Skills Training Course in New Zealand

Life Coaching Skills Course in New Zealand

A life coach is someone who is able to give sound advice to others and empower them in a way that helps them to achieve their personal goals in life. In essence, anyone can be a life coach as long as that person has the best interest and genuine motivation at heart.

Who Should Attend This Life Coaching Skills Course in New Zealand Workshop

This Life Coaching Skills Course in New Zealand workshop is ideal for anyone who would like to gain a strong grasp and improve their Life Coaching Skills.

  • All Staff Within An Organisation

  • Managers

  • Team Leaders

  • Executives

  • Assistants

  • Officers

  • Secretaries

Group Size For This Life Coaching Skills Training Program in New Zealand

The ideal group size for this Life Coaching Skills course in New Zealand is:

  • Minimum: 5 Participants

  • Maximum: 15 Participants

Course Duration For This Life Coaching Skills Course in New Zealand

The duration of this Life Coaching Skills Course in New Zealand workshop is 2 full days. Knowles Training Institute New Zealand will also be able to contextualised this workshop according to different durations; 3 full days, 1 day, half day, 90 minutes and 60 minutes.

  • 2 Full Days

  • 9 a.m to 5 p.m

Life Coaching Skills Course in New Zealand Benefits

Below is the list of course benefits of our Life Coaching Skills course in New Zealand

  • Gain a solid infrastructure for life coaching concepts and skills.
  • Employ knowledge and skills to improve the outlook of your work and life.
  • Incorporate life skills to discover one’s potential, unleash creativity and productivity sources.
  • Instill life skills in daily activities to enhance self esteem and self confidence.
  • Apply life skills to gain increased self awareness, strengths, and confidence.
  • Use life skills knowledge to gain clarity of one’s identity and purpose in life.
  • Apply life skills to release unhealthy behavioral, attitudinal and thinking
  • Improve communication and relationship skills through gained life skills.
  • Apply life skills to discover one’s abilities and talents and instill joy and happiness.
  • Enhance self-acceptance and perception through understanding and application of life skills.
  • Incorporate learnt life skills to develop a clear vision for your future goals.
  • Use essential life skills to improve the ability to make decisions to and achieve goals.
  • Apply life skills gained to enhance inner wisdom and intuition.
  • Use life skills to improve ability to overcome personal obstacles and fears.

Life Coaching Skills Course in New Zealand Objectives

Below is the list of course objectives of our Life Coaching Skills Course in New Zealand content

  • Understand the meaning and benefits of life coaching skills for organizations.
  • Understand the philosophy and mechanics behind life coaching practice.
  • Know the qualifications and skills of a good life coach.
  • Know the essential skills required for successful coaching of individuals/organizations.
  • Learn the different theories and models of life coaching applicable in this profession.
  • Learn the steps and ways of acquiring and developing life skills in an individual.
  • Know how to identify the areas of focus for the development of life skills.
  • Learn the life skills required to conduct assessment of and goal setting for professionals.
  • Understand the process of imparting life skills in individuals and organizations.
  • Learn the methods of delivery for life skills programs for professional organizations.
  • Understand the activities involved and competencies built in life coaching skills training.
  • Learn the code of ethics and practice for life coaches in the training of life skills.
  • Learn how to conduct self-coaching and acquire the essential life skills.

In case you’re searching the web for something, you will often wind up getting a life mentor site popping up on your results sooner or later. Life Coaching has evolved through the last few years and continues to grow and change but what’s life coaching, just how can you opt for a life mentor, and what do you need to be conscious of? Life Coaching actually surfaced, clearly, about ten decades back. With the beginning of in-house company coaching teams, the demand for Executive Coaches diminished and most hunted other regions to continue training inn. Many life coaches focus in a couple of major life places but many nevertheless tutor in several life areas. Initially, life coaches were individuals who had any sort of earlier work experience before entering training. A number of these previous Executive Coaches have also gotten Client Attraction or Marketing Coaches in the modern climate and their solutions are supplied to businesses still but mostly to either solo or small companies or people.

Life Coaching Today:

Course Content For This Life Coaching Skills Training Course in New Zealand

Below is the list of course content of our Life Coaching Skills training course in New Zealand

  • Define life coaching skills and its benefits
  1. What is life skill?
  2. What are life coaching skills?
  3. What are the benefits of life coaching skills?
  • Identify the qualifications and skills of a life coach
  1. Who is a life coach?
  2. What are the qualifications and skills of a life coach?
  • Discuss the philosophy and mechanics behind life coaching practice.
  1. What are the philosophy and mechanics behind life coaching practice?
  • Identify the essential skills for successful coaching
  1. What are the essential skills for successful coaching?
  • Discuss the different theories and model of life coaching
  1. What are the different theories and model of life coaching?
  • Discuss how to develop life skills
  1. What is the process of developing life skills?
  • Identify the areas of focus to develop life skills
  1. What are the areas of focus to develop life skills?
  • Name the skills for assessment and goal setting in life coaching skills
  1. What are the skills for assessment and goal setting in life coaching skills?
  • Describe the life skills coaching process
  1. What is the life skills coaching process?
  • Discuss the methods of delivery of life coaching sessions.
  1. What are the methods of delivery of life skills?
  • Identify life coaching activities and competencies acquired in the life coaching sessions.
  • Highlight the code of ethics and practice for life coaches.
  • Discuss how to conduct self-coaching and develop essential life skills.
  • Discuss the importance and divisions of motivation and life coaching skills

Do you Really Need A Life Coach?

No, not every coach is appropriate for each and every customer but the ideal coach/client mix is these a powerful tool. OK, well I tossed the term”stinking'” in there (grin ) but I do understand there are lots of men and women who may benefit from the ability of training but believe that they do not need it. Who’s considered among the best golfers of all time? Tiger Woods correct? Well guess what, the best golfer of all time comes with a mentor! You see even when you’re the best in what you can do, you could always improve on such a greatness. Coaching does not necessarily indicate there is something wrong with you, training can help you improve on what you’re doing to make you better.

Personally, I help people attain balance, clarity and cultivate the resources necessary to allow them to evolve into a life full of joy and serenity. I think everybody has the resources they want inside of these to lead a more satisfying lifestyle. I simply direct them together an empowering route which will awaken those tools, concentrate on their fire and finally lead them into a more fulfilled self. Life coaches are excellent and act as your own cheerleader and occasionally may be mentor. There are a number of advantages to owning a Personal Life Coach and this are only a couple. Coaching is a valuable procedure for individuals looking to:

  • Layout life goals which have both your business and personal objectives.
  • Free up energy and other tools to bring exactly what you need on your life today.
  • improve the quality of your communication and connections.
  • Function through a career or life expectancy.
  • Attain better work/life equilibrium.
  • Achieve clarity, focus and leadership

Coaching can also be for the ones that are growing and successful entrepreneurs, where what’s going well, and you’d just love a neutral sounding board that will provide you straight-up honest comments and ongoing support. Training can cover several distinct places from sport to company, to life in general and it’s very important that you be conscious of training prior to getting involved with one field which you will need help in. If you combined a game in grade school you had a mentor describe to you the principles and the very best approach to use to help win the match. In high school you had the exact same benefit, but as soon as you get to the grown up world you might believe you do not have this edge anymore. This isn’t necessarily accurate, there are trainers out there that will help you be the best you possible and this applies to the company and sports world too.

Business training has become exceedingly popular and organizations are seeing the general advantages by the outcomes in manufacturing in their workers. Through time companies have understood that utilizing coaches in the company world may make a difference within their company. Trainers in the company world can definitely help, for instance, if you’re a worker trying to find a mind in the business it may give you an edge over other workers. If you’re a manager who hires a trainer for the worker you might be giving your business an edge over other businesses. Whichever way matches your needs, it’s a fact training can create an impact in the realm of industry.

So is life training in a particular region of my own life right for me?

Simply because an offer in the trainer sounds great, in fact it might not be the best one for you; hence you want to be sure and check out all of the info given to you before accepting a deal. You’re browsing for a mentor that can provide you with the maximum help in the fields of business, life or sports that you’re concerned with, together with somebody that has a fantastic standing of demonstrating themselves as an superb coach. Accessing the internet to search for a mentor that would be perfect for you is most likely the best method to locate one. You’re searching for a mentor that makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable; after all you do have to cover their services. You can’t find a trainer which will be ideal in each area, however you can come true near by looking online. Remember that hiring a trainer which comes as near to what you require, will help you the most. When you’ve selected a mentor and they’ve begun working for you, they’ll have the ability to find things you might have missed or what I’d like to refer to will be visiting the blind areas. As a result of this you might need to make some adjustments which you don’t feel comfortable with or do not actually know. That is the reason why it’s essential that you trust that the coach and allow them to make some changes to improve your organization. A fantastic trainer will show you what could be achieved in the long run, by making adjustments today; you might have options that you never knew existed previously.

As soon as you’ve gotten rid of some old customs and discovered newer ones to use, you might discover you could accomplish whatever you set out to perform. Possessing a fantastic mentor will surely help you achieve this, though it might appear difficult at first permitting another person let you know how you can conduct your company. Many workers appear to achieve more if they have a mentor helping them along the way; this is a really good reason for a company to employ a mentor. Sometimes the company might want to hire a mentor to help them progress their skills of direction much further than they already have. No matter the reason behind hiring a trainer, either for your employer or the worker, the business is going to profit from the extra contribution. If you’re employed in an organization that doesn’t supply a trainer, you always have the option to employ your own to assist you enhance and progress your career.

After researching and locating the trainer you feel is ideal for your organization, you might choose to use the exact same trainer on your own. That is the reason it could be a fantastic idea to find one which is also capable in the region of management. You are able to examine a first hand evaluation of the trainer’s ability and understand if he can enhance your abilities, assisting you to achieve your objectives. Now that you’re conscious of the fundamentals of coaching now you can move effortlessly to the area that most interests you. There is nothing like training. The perfect method to find out about it is to experience it yourself! Most trainers will give a complimentary consultation or a free session to find out if training is right for you.


Life Coaching Skills Course in New Zealand Value Added Materials

Each participant will receive the following materials for the Life Coaching Skills course in New Zealand

Life Coaching Skills Course in New Zealand Learner’s Guide

Life Coaching Skills Course in New Zealand Handouts

Life Coaching Skills Course in New Zealand PPT Slides Used During Course

Life Coaching Skills Course in New Zealand Certification

Each course participant will receive a certification of training completion

Course Fees For Life Coaching Skills Training Course in New Zealand

There are 3 pricing options available for this Life Coaching Skills training course in New Zealand. Course participants not in New Zealand may choose to sign up for our online Life Coaching Skills training course in New Zealand.

  • USD 679.97 For a 60-minute Lunch Talk Session.
  • USD 289.97 For a Half Day Course Per Participant.
  • USD 439.97 For a 1 Day Course Per Participant.
  • USD 589.97 For a 2 Day Course Per Participant.
  • Discounts available for more than 2 participants.

Upcoming Life Coaching Skills Training Course in New Zealand Schedule

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        A life coach assists and advises clients on work and individual issues. It is different from consulting, counselling, mentoring, giving advice, and administering therapy. A coach is hired for particular professional and personal projects.
        People choose life coaches to get guidance on big life decisions. However, there is a caveat to hiring a professional: they can be expensive. Consider whether professional help from a life coach is worth investing the time and money.
        Everyone could use help in their self-confidence. One of the more significant benefits of working with a life coach is that he or she can help just that. Life coaches work on self-assertion and acts as a pillar of support for taking risks that improves the quality of life and help make dreams come true.
        There are 10 Easy Ways To Get Coaching Clients: Public Speaking. The fastest way to get in front of potential clients is to get out there and talk. Enter Toastmasters Offline Networking Get Interviewed Use HARO Read or post on Quora Guest Post Make The Most Of Social Media
        New business and life coaches can easily bill $90 - $200 per hour and experienced coaches with established results frequently charge $250 - 600 per hour. Here are some examples of the rate of Coaches: Executive Coaches earn around $330 per hour. Business Coaches make around $230 per hour. Life Coaches make around $50 per hour.
        It is possible to classify coaching styles into three groups - autocratic (authoritative), democratic (allow opinions) and laissez-faire. The autocratic style could be separated into two types - telling and selling and the democratic style into giving and conceding.
        Here are the measures to begin a life coach business: Choose a niche. Understand your ideal client. Make your first offer. Design an outreach program for your client. Receive your first paying client. Cover yourself legally. Improve your online presence. Scale your business.
        Life Coaches are accountable for guiding confused people that are unsure of what to do into their lives. They encourage personal growth, goal-setting, and behaviour adjustment. These experts prepare people to achieve their goals by developing different actions necessary to take charge of plans.
        A life coach assists clients to reach their full potential and accomplish their goals for whom they want to be and what they want to do. They can be classified into different groups of professionals. Some have expert training, while others use the title because they feel their gifts are appropriate. Neither is wrong or right!
        Why are more people turning to Life Coach as a career path? The International Coach Federation puts the number of people operating as coaches at upwards of 53,000, and this demand only keeps rising. Some predict that coaching will rise at a rate of 6.7% through the year 2022.
        Some of the Best Life Coaches in the World are: Business Coach for “Coaches” - Christian Mickelson. Human Potential Coach - Susan James. Money Coach - Bob Proctor. Business/Mindset Coach - T Harv Eker. Cybernetic Transposition Coach - Aryana Rollins. Law of Attraction Coach - Esther Hicks. Law of Attraction Coach - Bob Doyle. Zen Coach - Cheri Huber.
        The distinction between a therapist and a life coach is that a life coach sets clients up with a short-term or a long-term plan, instead of regular sessions that a therapist does. A life coach allows the person getting treatment to take the wheel of their life and take action to direct it toward their aims.
        Life coaches need to complete a certified life coach training program, available through professional organizations such as the International Coach Federation (ICF). Critical skills for life coaches to master include communication, empathy, problem-solving, goal-setting, people skills, creativity, and growth management.
        A few life coaches will frequently travel to a client's home of office while most coaches will do their operations in their office. Even if some may or may not have a background or experience in all fields, they are considered 'life specialists', experts that assist individuals or groups improve all areas of business and personal life.
        Most recognised coaching certification programs cost upwards of $5,000, and several will even charge $10,000 or more for a complete, comprehensive certification course, to give a preamble of what to expect.
        Life Coaching is increasingly popular because it is adjustable and accessible for people to learn valuable skills. The life coaching program helps to achieve these goals. Their objective is to help train life coaches to be qualified and provide them with a new and very well paying career.
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